Get yourself in the driver’s seat and …​


Get yourself in the driver’s seat and …

benefit from a coach that guides you to embrace your own challenges in both life and business context.

If you embrace your challenges, you allow them to show you their positive intentions instead of keeping them out, letting them knocking on your door even stronger. 

By embracing them fully, you make the challenge itself to your companion to grow. Every challenge in our life is a deep invitation to look deeper to see more clearly what you really want and what you still believe, creating the opposite of what you want. 

If the focus is set on what you really want, all needed ressources will snuggle to your goal, as they are already part of you. If you would not have had that challenge, you would have never come so far. So you can be grateful for every single challenge in your life, either in life or business context. And what is Gratefulness? Yes, Gratefulness is  the fertile ground on which self compassion is a natural act of caring for you. Relax back and make the first step now.

Charlotte Witzlau

Charlotte Witzlau – Zertifizierter Life- und Business Coach (ECA), Yoga- und Achtsamkeitslehrerin, ehemalige Managerin in der Fußballbundesliga


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